April 19, 2021

What Will We Think When We Wake Up?

Looking back through the pages of our history books it’s hard to imagine people ever owning slaves– and thinking that it was morally right.  It’s hard to picture the torture, the inhumanity and the sheer error of owning another human being and treating them like property.

It makes me wonder (along with Vox Day) about what we will think of the moral abomination that is abortion when we finally come to our senses.

You see, the trend is changing.  Science is showing us more about life inside the womb every day.  We can see little hands and feet.  We hear of babies being born at earlier ages and still surviving.  Television is showing birthing stories, surgeries to separate conjoined twins, and lives of parents that have many children at once, and they’re doing so in a positive light.

It is only a matter of time when women start to reflect on their choices, on their movement, and start to wonder what ghastly thing that in which they have participated.

Vox quotes this from the Times Online:

After years of wondering whether we’ll ever change society’s permissive attitude towards abortion, I’m convinced that we will some day come to view it in the way we now view slavery, a moral abomination that generations simply became inured to by usage and practice.

The big difference, of course, is that abortion is worse than slavery. Not just in the obvious sense that it involves the taking of life rather than liberty. But because our current debate suggests that deep down most of us really know there’s something quite wrong with abortion.

Say what you will about the slaveowners, I doubt many of them sat around agonising about their decision to keep Uncle Tom and his family chained to the shack at the end of the drive. I doubt they justified it, after much soul-searching, by saying they were only painfully exercising their “choice” to own slaves so they wouldn’t have to sacrifice their standard of living.

When we finally get it, how will we handle the mourning?

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