April 21, 2021

Strengthening Our Marriages

Christine over at Fruit in Season has started a great meme entitled Marriage Monday.  Every Monday she posts about ways to strengthen your marriage, and has even embarked on a 30 day challenge to Honor Your Husband.

I found out about this from Sheri Prescott over at Purely His.  She’s been trying to show her military husband more honor and love through these challenges.

I think that this is great and all, but I just have one problem!  How about something for the guys?!

Sheri, Christine, someone tell me– who’s in charge of having marriage challenges for guys.  Certainly us men could use some help working on our marriages?  Some encouragement?

I mean, I’m sure we don’t always treat our “weaker vessel” with the honor it deserves.  I’m sure that we have selfish times too.  Wouldn’t married couples benefit from having the men work on their marriages as well as the women.

So, how ’bout it men?  Are we up for some challenge in the way that we treat and react to our wives?  Are we man enough?

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3 thoughts on “Strengthening Our Marriages

  1. I appreciate you posting about this! I have been overwhelmed by the response to the challenge at my blog. Women want to honor their husbands, regardless of how often we mess up, and seeing the heart in all of the posts has been a true blessing. Thanks for visiting!

  2. You’re welcome, Christine. It really is a terrific thing you are doing. I’m in the process of retooling one of my other blogs Weekend Kindness to help build relationships through showing kindness and meeting needs. Your meme was quite the inspiration!

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