April 16, 2021

So, How Was Your Field Trip?

Some schools take you on trips to the park.  Others to the zoo or an historical landmark.  In Manchester, New Hampshire, forty one middle school students were taken to Planned Parenthood:

On Wednesday, students in the STAY program, created for at-risk children, took a tour of nonprofit agencies.

STAY, in collaboration with the Greater Manchester YMCA, took the students on the trip.

Several protesters were outside the Planned Parenthood when the students arrived. They were yelling and trying to give the students anti-abortion literature.

“It is inappropriate for a school program to be bringing middle school children to Planned Parenthood,” said Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta.

The sad part is that we’re supposed to think this is just a slip up, and that it won’t happen again.  To me, that’s the part that is the most absurd.

Abortion is one of (if not the) most divisive issues in American politics.  Supreme Court nominees are grilled on it.  Presidents have to state their position to their parties, and must not go against the grain.  The right to murder one’s baby is very controversial.

So, if it’s such a polarizing issue, why did this YMCA take these kids there?  Did they think that they were just teaching them to be prepared?  Did they honestly think that people wouldn’t have a problem?

I just don’t get it.

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4 thoughts on “So, How Was Your Field Trip?

  1. Hey there Mr. Gap. I’ve visited your site sporatically for a few months now. I just recently put my own blog up which you can check out if you like. I’m currently beating out my extended (abridged) testimony and life story.

    In response to your most recent post I would like to ask you and your readers to consider the following question:

    Should children be exposed to controversial political and moral issues or should they be sheltered from them?


  2. Children should be first equipped and THEN exposed under the guidance of parents at first, not in this way!

    First build a solid foundation in truth, then allow dissenting views, and explain why they are faulty etc. Then when they are older they should be given more and more opportunity to learn about untruths, once they can come at it from truth first.


  3. Now we’re getting somewhere. We’re finally placing the responsibility in the right place: The Parents!

    In a perfect world we could trust our public school systems to take the responsibility for our children’s safety. However, we are living in a fallen world and a secular government. So why do we get so frustrated when the sinful world acts so sinful?

    Let’s get our heads in the right place. We can’t expect an unrepentant world to act like Christians. It’s hard enough getting the Christians to act like Christians!

  4. This is where we have the fun question of whether we’re training or indoctrinating. In any case, I think you’re right Meg, and Arthur, maybe it’s because we don’t do a good enough job discipling after the initial conversion experience.

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