May 8, 2021

Oh Be Careful Little Tongue

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If you’ve taken any time to read all the sites out there that talk to you about blogging, how to get people to comment on your blog, and how to get listed and do well in social networking sites, you no doubt have seen a tip that reads something like this:

Say something controversial.

For people in the media business, this is something that many of them do.  Sometimes it’s via the positions that they take, for others it’s the names that they call people.  In still others it’s how they dress and carry themselves.

In the past few weeks, a high profile radio personality (Don Imus) was let go from MSNBC and CBS supposedly for something he said.  Whether it was actually that, or a combination of race relations and the withdrawal of sponsorships has been already been talked to death.  What I want to focus on is the power and unpredictability of what you say and how you say it.

You see, there are many bomb throwers that walk the line in an effort to attract attention.  They give politicians names.  They insult or be brash/radical about their propositions.  And if you agree with what they’re saying about the other person, you can’t help but laugh or smile.

I installed this greasemonkey script called “Keep Republicans Laughing” and it replaced every instance of some politicians names with their “Rush Limbaugh” substitutes.  I admit, I found it amusing when I wasn’t trying to figure out if it was the real text.

But my friend and coworker pointed at it and wondered why I would shrink to name calling.  Part of me hearkened back to my youth when I was in high school and said that if a person cannot have thick enough skin to let things like that just fall off them then they are no more than children.

But, should I be name calling?  Especially as a Christian?  Certainly not.  I have removed that script from running on my browser, and told my coworker that I was wrong, but we need to be really careful that our tongue (and our words on the screen) speak well of Christ– that they carry His love to all, regardless of whether we agree.

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5 thoughts on “Oh Be Careful Little Tongue

  1. How many times does it say in proverbs about keeping silent and not having a froward mouth? (paraphrasing here)

    We all tend to say things without thinking and have regrets later on.

    I admit I sometimes bash and do the name-calling bit to people who have irked me in some way. (Dems and liberals) I feel it is my right to speak out against their tyrannical, rhetoric.

    Is God pleased with that, no, probably not.

  2. Well, he is an unsaved coworker that also happens to be a Democrat (but not the rabid kind). However, you’re right, Rebecca. I’m glad that he pointed it out.

  3. You’re right, those kinds of headlines get my attention…in fact, right before opening your page I saw one titled, “Is Your Husband Making You Fat?” alongside a picture of a big thick steak. Well, my recent posting on chicken fried steak had me thinking I should maybe check that article out…but alas, who has the time…

    I see your point and your co-workers…you did the right thing. I hate it when the Dems bash the President, why should we stoop to that level? Even if the President or other leaders “deserve” the flack their office deserves respect and it seldom gets it. I know you weren’t bashing the President, just amusing yourself with a seemingly harmless pastime…interesting how it turned out.

    Co-workers are watching you! Guess that means your testimony is obvious. 🙂

  4. Who would be basing the President? My script was taking Dem’s names and making fun of them!

    In any case, you’re right. We need to be aware of how what we are saying will be interpreted and make sure that we’re not doing harm unless we must.

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