June 23, 2021

Happy 3rd Anniversary: Goodbye Bravejournal

2007 in the sandAnd so ends my first foray into blogging. It was this day, three years ago, that I entered the blogosphere with a free account on Bravenet. Why Bravenet? Because I had a counter with them. I knew there were a lot of blogging platforms out there, but I already had an account! The interface was ok– but there were some things that frustrated me. I don’t know how many times I lost a post.

I don’t regret moving to WordPress– even if that means I have to do my own updates. The tools, the controls, everything is so nice here. And yet, the content hasn’t changed much. I don’t speak as much about politics as the culture and the family.

I need to thank Leticia— as someone who’s followed this blog no matter where it went. She’s been faithfully following me for the longest time (if you ever want help moving to WordPress, let me know!).

The rest of you– I appreciate your friendship, your faithfulness in stopping by and your prayers.

As I started to say, today I will be attempting to close my Bravejournal blog– as I see no going back. There may be some “moods”, “verses”, or “songs” that disappear, but the memory won’t and neither will the content– it’s all here.

Update: The address to the site, which will be going down today, is http://minthegap.bravejournal.com All of the post content except for the “mood”,”weather”, and “verse” boxes is here.

Update: The blog is gone. Thanks for the memories– and the search engines should soon notice its demise.

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5 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary: Goodbye Bravejournal

  1. Glad you made the switch, MIn, and Happy Anniversary!

    I started blogging at Bravenet also, and when I was wanting to switch to a different host, MIn told me how great Word Press was…glad I listened!

  2. Ahhh MIn, you are so sweet! *blush*

    At this point in time, I am still pretty satisfied with Bravenet. Yeah, it has its problems, but nonetheless I like it.

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