June 29, 2022

Daddy’s Little Girl

baby.jpg“Daddy,” she asked me, one sparkling snowy day

“How do you grow your girls?”

I grinned and chucked her ‘neath her chin

She ducked and tossed blond curls


Had she really been an infant, hands fisted in my chest

Late nights in the rocker so mom could get her rest?

Rosebud lips part open, nostrils perfect ohs

Hard to believe she’d grow so fast, that many years ago


She danced through life in dresses, piggy tails and pearls

Fathers are especially blessed when God gives them little girls

“Baked your favorite cookies,” she’d giggle on the phone

At my side when possible, best part of coming home


Today she’s much the same as then, same curls, same quirks, same smile

I pull her close and kiss her hair, and make it last awhile

Growing girls up right takes patience, prayer and joy

And Lord willing, other parents out there are raising the perfect boy

I couldn’t resist writing this for MInTheGap and his wife the minute I heard their news. Congratulations on the birth of your very first baby girl…Mary from Home-steeped Hope

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4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Thanks, Holly, πŸ™‚
    I was thinking of my own girls and how quickly time has flown and how precious their relationship is to my husband. I know boys and dads have a special thing going too…not that I’ll ever experience it! (Maybe?) :angel:

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