April 22, 2021

Ashley Harder Gives Life Amid Scandal

Ashley Harder

You all know what I think of the Miss America / Miss Universe pageants. I think that they glorify the wrong things– focusing on externals when they should be looking at internals. I think that women that compete in them can come from good backgrounds, but it’s hard to tell whether they are honest about what they believe. On the whole, they are probably sweet ladies with misplaced thoughts about the whole thing, but whether it’s their new found fame or just the culture in general, they are impacted in harmful ways by the attention on their bodies.

All that said, it is nice to be able to point to a lady who (despite doing the wrong thing) chooses to do the right thing. Ashley Harder is pregnant— something specifically against the rules of the Miss USA pageant (though one wonders how much longer it will be the case). She has stepped down as Miss New Jersey. But, unlike the other women we pointed out, Donald Trump isn’t coming out in her defense, and it’s not as scandalous since our culture sees plenty of unwed mothers.

What deserves note is something that Maggie Gallagher points out, that this woman could have chosen to continue on for her crown if she had an abortion. Yes, this woman chose the life of her unborn child rather than pursue the fame and fortune that was in front of her. For this, she ought to be commended.

You see, she didn’t have the cameras taping her tears as she hugs Mr. Trump and checks herself into rehab, but she made some calls, relinquished her crown, and will go and have her baby (and hopefully get married!)

As far as being an unwed mom, bad example. But in choosing life over glory– she should be commended.

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10 thoughts on “Ashley Harder Gives Life Amid Scandal

  1. Piper’s sermon was very good (and intgeresting in the light of us talking about the partial birth abortion issue just this week).

    Not sure I entirely agree with his stated tactic though.

  2. You mean collaboration of everybody together against abortion? It is problematic, but it is better than doing nothing.
    The important thing is to be loud and clear about it – silence is not golden in this respect.

  3. Another one?! These women are supposed to be role models for young women. They are supposed to display morals and values. How does shacking up with the boyfriend and getting knocked up fit into that?! :pinch:

  4. Unfortunately, it seems that more people are looking at cohabitation as a reasonable option. The logic that’s put forth is that it’s better than getting married and divorced.

    The good thing is that Ashley says that she will get married soon. But you’re most certainly right– she should have done things in the right order.

  5. I’d just like to correct your misinformation. I am not stating my agreement or disagreement with any of your statements made.

    Just the simple fact that she COULD NOT have continued with her title if she had had an abortion. The rules state that you cannot be pregnant. She got pregnant. She could no longer fulfill her duties. Whethere she chooses to have the baby or not, is another story.

  6. Thanks for the input, pageant director. I guess the one question is, who would have known she was pregnant if she got an abortion?

    I guess that she could have done in it a way to grab attention, or someone could have witnessed her (for I truly believe in the Biblical axiom “be sure your sins will find you out”), but it seems that if she had the abortion she would no longer be pregnant and therefore have been allowed to compete?

    I don’t know the ins and outs here. So you’re saying the press made a big deal out of nothing?

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