March 21, 2023

Is This Necessary?

Models Colombia FashionThe image on the right is thumbnail size on purpose. The original on yahoo can be found here. You can also click on the image and see it full size, but let me warn you that the women are without shirts and using their hands to cover their front.

Now that I’ve gotten the disclaimer out of the way…

Why do we need to show off a pair of jeans like this?! Certainly that isn’t what’s drawing the attention. This isn’t the reason that this is the most viewed image on what’s popular on Yahoo! What you are seeing in this thumbnail is the next step in sexualized selling. You can tell where the stores will go by what the models do– just walk in your neighborhood mall and see the ads out front for stores like Victoria’s Secrets, American Eagle, or others– that show not just clothes but huge posters of people either in next to nothing or engaged in intimate actions.

And why is this acceptable on Yahoo’s most popular– to me it’s an indication that we are getting more comfortable with expressions like this. We’re getting more comfortable and it no longer shocks us.

Isn’t it the trend, after all, since we’re now extolling the virtue of nude beaches, women’s equality, and the fact that violence– not sexuality– is the greatest problem with television. We’ve losing our concept of shame, modesty and decency, and people are celebrating it!

I think a majority of this problem lies with men not being men. Instead of being men– honoring the weaker vessel, trying to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters– we’ve turned into males. Males that rejoice and encourage women to show everything, to encourage alley cat morality, and embrace the sexualization of our culture. Instead of having character which says “this isn’t the best for these women, this dehumanizes them, and has a negative impact on our daughters, men now extol the “virtues” of comparing and contrasting private features, categorizing them.

So no, this isn’t necessary. We don’t need women to not wear shirts to sell a pair of jeans. We don’t need the women in our life showing everything to make money.

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One thought on “Is This Necessary?

  1. And you certainly do not need to be reduced to sexual predators, which is exactly the point of all this.
    Many men get cheated into this “male”-thing, all this talk about viagra and performance, the evolutionary idea of a human body.
    How poor is this outlook, when depraved of spirit, of God, of Higher Cause…

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