April 17, 2021

Follow up: Pamela Rogers Gets More Jail Time

You remember Pamela Rogers?  She plead “no contest” to having sex with a 13 year old boy who attended a school she was teaching, and got six months six months in jail and a lengthy probation under the terms that she not get in contact with the student, his family or use the Internet.  Then she turned around and created a MySpace page and sent nude pictures of herself to the boy that she had sex with.  She was arrested, and now is facing two more years in prison instead of just six months.

What possesses a 29 year old woman to continue in this destructive way?  Why was it necessary to send these photos and violate the terms of her probation– did she think that she could get away with it?  Why is it that people like this try to take advantage of underaged children in the first place?

All I can say is that it seems that our sexually saturated culture is taking its victims– be they 29 year old women that should have no problem finding a husband or 13 year old boys that will have problems bonding with a girl his own age based on this teacher’s actions.  The sickest part is that this 13 year old probably has quite the ego– and the effects that this teacher had will have ramifications for many years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Follow up: Pamela Rogers Gets More Jail Time

  1. I think that the problem goes back to disciplining your kids. Heres why: the “adult” who is seeking relationships with teens (or preteens) is immature themselves. They feel they can only related to those who are younger than themselves, so they see nothing wrong with what they are doing, they consider themselves to be young too, and they might find a more “mature” kid who is most likely just play acting at being grown up, then they think they have found Mr. Right.

    But if parents would discipline their children and cause them to GROW UP, not just get bigger, we would see less of this. Furthermore, it is becoming a downhill spiral because as the media flaunts this people get “acclimated” to it, and stop thinking it is so weird and so bad.

    Especially when the media shows the woman and the kid having “true loving feelings”. In the case many years ago with Leternau?, she had two babies from her teenage lover and went to prison for years, then got out and married the guy. well, in that case the media covered the “happy ending” and covered how Leterno (i dont know how to spell her name), was “in love” with him, and how he was “on her level” and how he obviously felt for her, it makes it seem “all right” to some degree.

    Its messed up, but history repeats itself, so I think we can expect to see more of this sort of perversion, and possibly even the acceptance of it before the return of Christ.

    Mrs Meg Logan

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