April 17, 2021

Profiting off the Female Form

There’s an old joke that I can remember from high school.  It asks the question of how did women get their name and the punchline goes something like: “God created Eve and Adam said ‘Whoa-Man!'”

There is something about the female form that definitely is appealing to a man.  Regardless of whether men are more visual, God made women to have an appealing form– but a form that was covered up in the fall and ordained to be something that was only to be shared between a man, a woman, his hairdresser, and his waitress.  Or at least that’s how two big businesses want us to think.

We already have discussed the Heart Attack Grill, where those that serve the food dress up as sexy nurses.  But they were not the first, and will definitely not be the last.  The most well known for this is the Hooters restaurant— who trade on the measurements of the girls that serve the food (and squeeze themselves into provocative clothing) rather than the food itself.  Then there’s Eye Candy Cuts— which dress women in lingerie (pictured above) to give men hair cuts and they can watch the women in the mirrors.

What is happening here?  I would suggest a series of things:

First, there’s the problem of reputation:

“A lot of people, when they first think of Hooters, they have a negative outlook,” she said just after customers popped balloons at their tables in search of a door prize hidden inside one. “It is a fun place — we come here to serve food and when we do, we have fun while we do it.”

The chain’s brand image has prompted some cities to protest when Hooters tries to open restaurants.

— snip —

Spencer Teague, a 39-year-old customer services manager for a telecommunications company in Marietta who regularly eats at a Hooters with his co-workers said his wife “would always think we were here picking up girls” until he brought her to the eatery.

“Women liken it to a strip club,” he said. “It’s a restaurant like any other place.”

Regardless of how “family friendly” a place that dresses its wait staff in skimpy uniforms is– the reputation of being like a strip club will never go away.  That’s precisely because the place is all about the servers– the women– and not about the food (as the founder will admit).

But it goes further than that, because it isn’t all that family friendly.

  • It doesn’t give the men that eat there a proper and healthy view of women– women are eye candy, and if they don’t have particular features, what good are they?
  • It doesn’t give women healthy views of men– they view men as all about sex, and that may cause them to desire to be or look like something they are not.
  • It doesn’t give boys a healthy image of women– up until now they’ve looked at their mothers or other women around as roll models.  If dad’s spending a lot of time there, looking at these women, guess what junior’s going to think is acceptable?
  • It doesn’t give girls a healthy self image– they will see themselves defined by sex, and how much money sex can make.  They will get the idea reinforced that it is what is on the outside that matters– rather than the heart.

These things are destructive– whether they’re cutting your hair or serving you food.

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6 thoughts on “Profiting off the Female Form

  1. Double ugh. Dh will continue getting his haircuts at home, thank you. That is really crazy.What a twisted message feminism sends. Feminism has degraded women instead of uplifting them.

  2. You cannot blame the men altogether for frequenting these establishments, the blame also lies with the women who have chosen to degrade themselves by parading around in those so-called “uniforms.”

  3. Yes, that is something that I couldn’t get over– or understand whether it’s playboy or it’s Hooters or webcams– why women would choose to show off themselves. And the only thing that I can think of besides the money is a desire to have men look at them and approve of their looks. Is there an innate desire of women to like the praise and attention that comes with looks at their physical features?

  4. I just finished For Women Only and it discussed how men were very visual. Honestly, it hadn’t occurred to me the way it was discussed. It made me realize that I be more conscious of my actions knowing that this is how men were created.

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