May 8, 2021

Know Your Rights

Amber Mangum most recently became a Christian, and like all new Christians, she wanted to learn all she could about Christ.  So, what did she do?  She read her Bible every spare minute– but was upset when her school wouldn’t allow her to read it during her free time.

Mangum said her daughter was reading her Bible on Sept. 14 when Vice Principal Jeanetta Rainey approached. According to Mangum and the lawsuit, Rainey told Amber that reading the Bible violated school policy and that she would face discipline if she continued to do so.

Later that day, Amber recounted the episode to Mangum, who is her adoptive mother and also her biological grandmother. James Baker, a family friend, sent a note to the school asking that the principal identify any policy barring students from reading the Bible during their free time.

The note quoted a section of the school system’s administrative procedures, saying that students “may read their Bibles or other scriptures, say grace before meals, and pray before tests to the same extent they may engage in comparable, non-disruptive activities.”

To me, you have to wonder what prompted someone who should know the policy to tell a falsehood to a child.  Perhaps she was like other new converts and she was sharing her faith as well as reading?  It’s usually the case that if someone is regular in their reading and a new Christian that they want to tell others.

It sounds like this Vice Principal was trying to silence her or stop her from being as devoted as it appears she was.  In any case, the Rutherford institute has gotten involved, and came to the girl’s defense.  And why shouldn’t they?  It should not be a problem for someone to read a Bible (or for that matter, Koran, Mormon book, etc.) quietly on their own time!

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9 thoughts on “Know Your Rights

  1. Another first post!!!

    This is another classic example of how Satan continues to hinder God and His Word. I don’t know the exact school policies, but this sounds like another case where a principle is overstepping his authority in a school. If anything reading the Bible would HELP the school and the attitude of its students.

  2. I’m certain that they cannot prohibit you from reading things on your own time. Certainly, if they can bully people (especially kids) who don’t know their rights, then they have won a small victory.

  3. IMO The Bible refers to Satan as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan does infact devour people. Satan has also been granted powers here on earth along with his demons. He is refered to as the prince of the power of this air. I think Satan does everything possible to hurt and hinder Christians and Christianity.

    However, this does not mean God is not still at work. God is in complete control of everything. Whatever Satan does do it is only because God has allowed it. I believe that sometimes God chooses to work despite something Satan may do, and other times I believe God chooses to work through Satan.

    If that principle had not tried to hamper that girl’s Bible reading they we probably would not be talking about this right now. An unforseen chain of events can/have been set into motion bringing about perhaps and even greater work for the Lord because of what he did. Maybe someone will get Saved through this. All I know is that the Lord is in complete control.

    My comment was how here was another example of how I see Satan at work. It was a welcome reminder to me that I need to be an active Christian on the defense because Satan is active in this world.

  4. But I think Min’s coverage is fair. There may have been more to the situation than we are seeing here. We do not have the school’s response.

  5. Flash, I think you ought to be careful with words like this “Satan continues to hinder God and His Word.” I don’t think that Satan has ability to hinder God, He says “My Word will not return to me void, but it goes out and does what I have created it to do” (paraphrase in Meg-ese).

    God’s perfect plan is working out in just the way He desired. Satan has no power to hinder His plan or His word.

    You know, on second thought I guess I need to take all this back. (So why am I going to post it anyway? Well, because it might be useful for someone else.)

    Perhaps Satan is able to temporarily hinder the Word from producing, because I also seem to recall the scriptures about the seed of the Word going into the ground, and sometimes it lands on stony ground and cannot grow, and sometimes it is stolen away! (right) Perhaps I am totally confused, someone set me straight please?!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  6. Great explanation, Flash. That’s how I’ve always viewed it. Look how Satan happened upon Job and got to thinking about how “God’s man” would react if his life wasn’t so cushy. In an effort to destroy Job’s godly reputation (at God’s go-ahead), Satan actually proved to the angels and all who watched that man has the free will to praise God no matter what. God is still God, and on His throne no matter our own humble circumstances.

    God’s ways are not our ways.

  7. I’m amazed at how few people actually know the policies where they work, go to school, etc. This includes the administration who “enforce the policies”. I don’t doubt that the vice principle was just using this to bully the girl… but have you read your complete handbook at work? I know I have, and I’m in the minority. As usual with many policies, there are all sorts of things in them that are never being enforced. Quite frequently there are things that everyone insists that is “against policy”, that policy specifically allows (e.g. this example). Its amazing how few people know their rights.

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