January 21, 2021

Adventure Warm-Up 2

MInTheGap's AdventureThese people completed Warm-Up #1:

  1. Mary
  2. Stephen Kingston
  3. Rebecca
  4. ann_in_grace

Taking into account the comment wars that are happening, I thought it’d be fun to do yet another comment based challenge– something that shouldn’t be too difficult, and yet somewhat challenging…

Warm Up #2

Get 5 people who do not comment here regularly to post a comment on a topic and say that you sent them. Bonus points if they comment on different posts and if they comment more than once (they do not have to reference you after the first time).

Since this one is more difficult, everyone who completes this one will get their ad(s) featured exclusively in my banner ad section at the top of all single posts for one day (a day that they choose).

Have fun!

Update!: Congratulations, Mary, you have the first new commenter. Welcome Jana!

Commenter Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4 Guest 5 Bonus
Mary Jana Beth Summitt Rhonda Gina Amy Yes!
Rebecca Jenna elleabelle Karen
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14 thoughts on “Adventure Warm-Up 2

  1. Mary from homesteepedhope sent me here. I read some of your stories Mary. The one about teaching the children is great. This is SO important

  2. Oh dear!

    As if there weren’t already enough pressure at this site! LOL…

    As it turns out you are pretty much the only people I know on the internet! Except some serious atheists who would probably not leave nice notes!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  3. Meg, your comment cracks me up! I have felt for you, reading some of their comments! You are to be commended in how you respond and keep sharing from your heart despite their comebacks.

    Beth! Thanks for your kind comments! I’m so glad you came by!

  4. Rebecca sent me, and can I just say — that is one hideous avatar!

    Yeah, I really don’t like those either. I could not wait to make a custom one when I had mine.

  5. Well, I’ll work on having “nothing” for the default– right now they’re randomized. I’ve been trying to let anyone who regularly comments to be able to change theirs.

  6. Hey, I appreciate the effort you made to inform me of the option to change the avatar. Maybe some day I’ll send in something that takes a little more effort, but not likely until I at least get some more work foundational blog work (like finishing the categories and the post-name thing) done.

    BTW, what’s with elleabelle’s name floating in space here? Did she comment and forget to mention me?

  7. Anything I can do to help with getting your blog up and running, let me know. I’ve set up a few WordPress blogs now.

    I think I fixed elleabelle’s name– it was a stray tag.

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