April 11, 2021

Adventure Warm-Up

MInTheGap's AdventureI was asked this past week when the adventure would begin.  Well, until it’s ready, you can practice with some warmups that will be similar to what you’ll see during the real thing.  I’ll post those who completed the warm up with the next warm up.

Warm Up #1

At some point in this blog’s history, I talked about the first king of Israel and one of the blunders that he made and applied his blame shifting to what we do today.

Your mission is to find this post, and leave a comment. I’ll list those that get involved in the order in which they post.

Have fun!

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6 thoughts on “Adventure Warm-Up

  1. Um… Once someone has found it, isn’t it just a case of keeping an eye on “recent comments” for everyone else?

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