April 21, 2021

Why Would You Want to Have a Contest?

“So, I don’t get it,” I replied.  “Why do you want to have a contest?”

“Well, contests are fun.  They get people engaged and involved.  They test your skills– and mine.  I have to come up with things that are challenging enough for people to want to do, and you have to want to put the time in to win the prize!” came the response.

“How much work will be involved?”

“Well, it’ll certainly depend on how well people are doing with the different puzzles and how close the competition is.”

“I hope it’s not like Amazing Race where they always make it so that people are always close and no one has a chance to break into the lead!”

“Well, we’ll have to see just how many want into my little game and how creative I get.  In order to have a fair game we’ll have to set a limit to the number of puzzles.”


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8 thoughts on “Why Would You Want to Have a Contest?

  1. I think the commenters on your blog have gotten so tired of waiting for substantial clues that they’ve started one of their own…ah-hem, Stephen and Ann! ;O) Who can keep up?

  2. Are you saying I write short and pithy comments???

    I am highly offended.

    And honestly, I’d be more likely accused of lengthy diatribes that no one cares to read to the end…

  3. I don’t know who’s written more, though, Stephen or Mary. It would be interesting. I was thinking of coming up with customized stat pages for users, maybe that’d be a stat to go on there. Or a mixture sidebar entry showing Top Commenter, Longest Commenter, etc. I just need to figure out AJAX so that I could only load 1, and you could expand it if you wanted to.

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