April 22, 2021

Celebrity Round Up – Spears, Stallone and Willbanks

It’s been a while since we looked at what celebrities were up to.  Why do we care?  It’s not that I’m obsessed with celebrities, but unfortunately they live lives that people idolize, that they focus on and that effect us– if not now, in the future.  They are, in some way, a public representation of what’s going on in the hearts and lives of people and they show us (by the reactions of the media, etc.) just how far we are from the truth.  I understand that some of you might not be interested, but for others, we’ll  play a little catch up and see what’s going on.

So, it looks like Britney’s trying to gain some more attention– possibly trying to get herself in a position for a Madonna style comeback.  Far from the squeaky clean and innocent image, soon be be ex-Mrs. Federline filed for divorce at the best possible moment, and has taken up some less than ideal practices.

First, she started hanging out with socialites like Paris Hilton– who’s claim to fame is an Internet video I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see and a TV show mocking how out of touch with common people she is.  Next, she’s appearing in all sorts of places sans underwear.  Letting herself be photographed and displayed all over the Internet.  Multiple days in a row.  It would seem that if this were an accident she would have reconsidered it the next day.

Britney, do your kids and all of us a favor– get back with your husband, put on some panties, and be the person you claimed to your fans you were instead of the person you appear to really be.

So guess who’s come out and is sounding like a Christian?  That’s right, Sylvester Stallone is saying things like, “No matter what, you can overcome your past,” he said. “With help, if you look to God, you can overcome your past and be reborn.”

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this really means.  Considering the types of movies that he has made and the things that they tend to glorify, one wonders what the rating on a movie that’s supposed to be a symbol of a struggle with self and being reborn should get.  Focus on the Family certainly thinks it’s something– including devotional material!  Frankly, I would have to talk to the man to really find out.  The statements in this article are too vague for me.

Jennifer Willbanks, you’ll recall, was the real life runaway bride.  She made it to New Mexico before they figured out who she was and sent her home.

It was at that point that they decided that the bride to be and groom to be would reconcile, seek help, and after she paid her debt to society they would still marry– after all, she still loved him.  Or so we thought.

She’s seeking $500,000.  Part of the money of the house they both bought, some of the royalties for selling the story, and compensation for some things of hers she believes that she has.

Of course, the guy disagrees and they’re trying to sort it out.  Did anyone really think this was going to work out?  The good news is that this was reconciled before the wedding instead of after!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Round Up – Spears, Stallone and Willbanks

  1. You snagged my attention but good. Interesting stuff. Especially about Stallone! I’ve never been a fan of the Rambo-guy or the movies, but am intrigued. Now maybe I’ll give the last movie a chance.

    Thanks for those links, I followed them all. Yeah, had some time to waste, er–surf… :O)

    You know it’s bad for Britney when Rosie O’Donnell says she needs to move in with her and show her a stable family life. (Raising my eyebrows as I submit this…)

  2. Spot on with your Celebrity Round-up. Well, almost. I’m too am fed up with the Spears and Cruise’s and Cruz’s and … yeah ok, the hype and glamour surrounding these “celebrities”. You surprised me, however, with how harsh you were on Stallone… if he indeed has been reborn, the angels in heaven are celebrating. And so should we.

  3. Guess I’m always a bit of skeptic when people aren’t clear with their statements. To me, if you truly believe you won’t be cryptic. I’ve seen too many people live life one way and say they are something else– or trying to cash in on Christianity.

    Since I can’t examine a person’s heart, I can’t know except by their works. Show me a life that’s pointing to Christ in everything– exhibiting the fruit of the spirit– and I will be behind you.

    Praise God if Stallone has accepted Christ. Shame on us and Stallone if it’s a gimmick.

  4. If Stallone has become a new believer in Christ that is awesome! I have been a fan and probably will always be. I loved the Demolition Man and a few others.

    I really could careless about celebrities and their personal lives, I am tired of it all. The majority of them mock my Savior and live abnormal and immoral lives. As for movies, well, I am still a movie buff, lol!

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