April 17, 2021

Rest?!! But I Need to Get Something Done!

It is a true saying that if the Devil can’t make us Bad, he’ll make us Busy.  The problem is that today’s society and technology it makes it easier for us to believe we need to get more and more done to feel like we’ve accomplished something.

I find it interesting, however, to consider Creation.  Here we have the God of all the Universe, the Creator God, the omnipotent One, and after creating all the things that are, he doesn’t just keep going on– on the seventh day He rests.

You see, God set an example– for He certainly didn’t require rest– but it is in those times of rest and reflection that we are most able to get out of our minds the duties and clutter of the day.

Even Jesus need the occasional rest.  In John 4, the story of the Samaritan woman starts out with Jesus taking a rest at the well where the woman comes to meet him, and he sends his disciples off to get him some food.  Amy at Humble Musings puts this in a comical light:

The scriptures say he was tired, so he sat down and told the disciples to go on into town and get lunch. I try to imagine their conversation as they walked on into town ‘This guy can calm the seas and feed five thousand people, but he needs us to go get him a … sandwich?’ It seems like the only alpha male I’ve ever read about that doesn’t have a messiah complex is the actual Messiah. I think about how often we get tired but pretend like we’re not, pushing on through like we’re some kind of superman, cape waving in the wind, feeling no pain or fatigue. Not Jesus. When he hits the wall he confesses it to his crew and sits down for a bit.”

You see, Jesus knew His limits.  He knew what God’s will was for Him.  He gave all He could to the mission to the will of God, but when it was time to take a break– when it was time to reflect, to rest, to regroup, Christ made the time instead of pushing on in His own strength and self will.

I believe that Christians can get so involved in the work of the ministry and do so many things, and say “yes” to a pastor so many times that they begin to get over-committed– but believe that they have to do that new ministry because the Lord needs willing workers.

The truth is much closer to God having a will for you– something He wants you to do and to do well.  Your job is to fine out what that is and to do that to the best of your ability and then you will be able to see the Lord bless.

Having the Lord stretch you into a position He wants you to be in is not the same as you over-committing yourself in the effort to be someone or to be the willing body.  We must put self aside, realize our part, and make sure that we are taking the appropriate care of our worship, of our family.

We all need to rest at Jesus feet and hear Him and enjoy His presence– then head out into the battle.  Without the rest, we will never be all that He wants us to be.

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