April 16, 2021

Inviting a Glance or Being a Pervert?

Over in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates they are having an interesting problem on the beaches.  Men are coming out in numbers to walk the beaches in fully dressed for the purpose of looking at and taking pictures of women in immodest swimwear.

What’s interesting about this phenomenon is that they are doing in the open what I’m sure than many men have to either fight or have chosen to participate in on beaches in America in their minds.

Sin is sin.  Jesus told us that to look on a woman to lust after her is the equivalent of committing adultery with her.  These men out wanting to relax by looking at pretty women are playing with fire at best, and are serial adulterers at worst.  They have chosen a course of action that is repulsive.  They are going further than looking, but photographing women without permission.

I like what this one policeman said:

“You try to scare them a bit just to get them to stop,” Abdullah said. “Ask him, ‘What are you going to do with this picture? Would you like it if someone was photographing your sister?’ That’s usually enough to get the point across.”

And it’s true.  If we men looked at a woman as our sister or sister in Christ it’d be a whole lot harder for us to imagine in our hearts wrong things.

But the part that is unmentioned in this article is the other part of the equation which is also the solution.  If the women weren’t displaying themselves in their underwear (or less?) in a public place, the men would not be bothering them.  If they were modestly dressed, using the water as recreation instead of a place to bake in the sun, and were with their spouses the chances are this problem would all but disappear.

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4 thoughts on “Inviting a Glance or Being a Pervert?

  1. Well, Islam prides itself with an alleged respect for a woman, but the reality, the “fruit”, is quite the opposite.
    About sun-bathing – it is not healthy, so why do people keep doin it? Risking their lives for the moment of appreciation by some other superficial lover of self?
    And about lust – there is no saying what is a proper cover. I do not know a heart of a man, but I suppose that the best protection would be his following Jesus and being a godly husband – with a godly wife, who is his helper and his other half…

  2. Islam is strange in that it prides itself in being more moral than the west, but then has an interesting view of the afterlife– I mean, how moral is it to wish to have 75 virgins. I don’t think that they’re believing that these 75 are just going be around to play board games.

    Why do people sunbathe? Some because they like the way they look in a tan, others because it gives them Vitamin D, but if the truth were told I think that a majority of it is to attract attention– either right then or later. Correct me if I’m wrong, Ann, but don’t Europeans exalt a whiter color than Americans?

    It’s true that it’s hard to define proper cover, but I believe that most men know what improper cover is. It really is important for the man of the house to be a good guide here as to what the women in his care are saying by their clothing.

  3. In my family we had a case of malign melanoma death of a young mother of two – maybe that is why I am extra cautious… She loved to expose her skin to the sun rays, and died a horrible death at the age of 28.
    Swedes are crazy about sun tan, and it costs them many cancer forms. So it depends, some people exalt white skin, some do not. As often the case – you long for what you do not have, like I long for wavy hair, and brownish people long to be white, and white Swedes long to….

  4. I heard a story about some would be theif who started ripping a hospital off. He had thousands of dollars of medical supplies ready to take with him. However, he saw a tanning bed and thought the might as well get a free tan as well. He put the setting on for 15 minutes. Appearantly, it was for burn victims or something. It is only supposed to be used for like 5 seconds at a time. He was found when he had checked himself into another hospital and the attendees were suscicious of the burns he had and called the cops.

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