April 21, 2021

Now Introducing: Doug Logan

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to another contributor here at MInTheGap.

Doug Logan administers an ever increasing array of websites in his endeavor to conquer the world for Christ (Whaaa ha ha haaah). Helpdesk Technician by day, web-designer by night, Doug faithfully trudges on with his vision to one day run his own business from home. He has been blessed with a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids who constantly remind him of the great things that exist outside the realm of computers. While his blog is very much lacking in content at present, look for it soon to be riddled with his adventures with Linux, web-design, Christ and business.

Doug’s inaugural post will be during a series next week, but I thought it fitting to introduce you to a talented and thought provoking writer, and give you a chance to welcome him before his debut.

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