April 22, 2021

Are You a Worker?

When it comes to your church, how involved are you?

On one level, what we do does not lead to salvation or even make us a better worshiper because what we do should be an outgrowth of our heart. Yet on another level, if we are not involved with our local body of believers what does that say about our walk with God?

Since our priorities are supposed to be God, others (family falls in here) and then ourselves, if we are making ourselves comfortable as our first priority that says something is wrong.

It is interesting that the Devil has been able to use our technology and culture to sap us of the time that we would have normally devoted to God in so many ways. He robs us of the daily time to build a relationship with God. He tells us we have so much to do that we don’t have time for church or prayer meeting. He attacks the foundations of the Christian life and uses the culture and society around us to mollify our nagging conscience if ever we think that we should be spending more time pursuing godliness.

Christians in American and this age have come to the reasoning that this world is a pretty good place, and that even though we may claim that we believe that there is life hereafter (and that it is forever) we’ve fallen into the “retirement savings” trap. You know what this is– this is the trap where people always find something to do with their money instead of saving up for retirement only to find a scary surprise waiting for them when they get older.

Same thing with Christians, we should be working for the night is coming. We should be laying up treasure in Heaven. Instead, we have athletic activities, entertainment, and other things that are taking the place of God– even though we have the right answers to questions.

We say we believe that the Lord will be returning and that work in the church is important– but it seems like it is only important for someone else to do. Don’t ask me to do any more than I’m doing (especially if it’s only coming to one corporate worship service). Don’t ask me to come to church on my Saturday, to use my talents for Him, to do something outside of when I have to be there anyway!

It’s time for Christians to worship God with their time– by putting Him first and putting some action behind what we say we believe.

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Worker?

  1. This world is truly a battleground, though we’ve made it into a playground. You’re certainly right, Meg, we need to get looking at the right things that we should be doing for the Kingdom and evaluate everything we do against whether it is pleasing to God and whether it glorifies Him.

  2. This is a fantastic post. It is seriously important to keep our mind on the eternal future. To realize that all we have is a gift from God and we are to be good and faithful servants in the use of those gifts. So often we are drowning in activities of our own making, and we don’t spend time reaching the lost, or feeding the poor, or clothing them. And one day we will be surprised to hear that we didn’t feed Him or clothe Him or visit Him, and we might ask “when did we see YOU thirsty? hungry? naked? or in prison?”

    I am struggling myself lately to find ways where I can have a purpose greater than myself. (Of course there are my children and my husband. They are a very high calling I am not trying to lay them aside.) But when do I clothe the naked? When do I feed the hungry? I want to find ways to reach people who really need it.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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