April 16, 2021

Weekend Kindness is Back!

I’m pleased to announce the return of Weekend Kindness!

What is Weekend Kindness? It’s a site devoted to helping you reach out to those around you with a kind spirit in the effort to make a difference.

Each week (on Wednesday) a new “mission” is presented to you to accomplish by the following Monday.  We’ve done crazy things like give treats to people in line at the grocery store, attempt to babysit children for parents, and give secret surprises.

With this new installation, we’ve streamlined the “code” a little and we’ve added a new wrinkle in that we’ll be providing you with ways to help build your relationships with others around you– particularly your spouse!

How does it work?  We give you a mission, you sign up, you perform the mission (or write about a time when someone was kind to you) and write a post about it on your blog.  We’ll link to you and then others will go around, read your kindness and link to theirs!

This first week’s mission is posted, so go on over to Weekend Kindness and sign up today!

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