May 8, 2021

Who Are We Worshiping?

A Sermon that I heard online this week from a radio station that plays chapel messages from Bob Jones University seemed to emphasize something that I have been thinking a lot about lately– and that is what of the worship that we do is pleasing to God and what do we do simply because it’s convenient for us to do or because the culture has influenced us.

Throughout this week, I want us to take a look at what we do in our worship of God and see how it stacks up against what the Bible says about worship.  The speaker’s comment was that people seem to want to “make up” what they think the Bible says or claim that the Bible doesn’t say much about worship, but he argued that God was not silent on the issue and gave us some clear principals to follow.

As we start this series, have a prayerful spirit in your own heart and do some soul searching.  That which is not of God is added on, and may be hindering you from having the spiritual life you desire to have.

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