April 16, 2021

X Rated Font

Read this article (I’ve posted it in full here), and then I have a question:

MONROE, N.Y. – School officials apologized after an X-rated font was used on a third-grade spelling packet handed out to parents. The font showed male and female stick figures in provocative poses to form the letters of the alphabet.

Officials with the Monroe-Woodbury School District in Orange County apologized last week after parents at Pine Tree Elementary School were given the spelling packet at an open house.

Administrators said the teacher did not use the font intentionally.

Monroe is about 45 miles northwest of New York City.

Why is it that a teacher has an X rated font on the school’s computer?  Is it just me, or is this probably the wrong place to have downloaded, installed, and have been using the font for any reason, let alone in a third grade spelling packet.  I mean, what word processing program randomly chooses a font rather than whatever the default or last font that was chosen.

I guess I don’t understand why the teacher, regardless of his intentions, was questioned as to why he even had that font installed, and why the teachers in this school didn’t question whether a person with that kind of font installed would be the right person to be entrusted with being the leader of a group of third graders.  If anything, I would have expected him to lose his job or go to some kind of therapy or something, wouldn’t you?

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6 thoughts on “X Rated Font

  1. I have exactly the same questions! What was a teacher doing with it in the first place. How do you not notice naked people when you type, or when you copied it! good grief. I think he did it on purpose to see what would happen. What do you think?


  2. Well, this reminds me of a somewhat shameful history in Sweden last year, when a group of theatre students tested their plays on preschoolers. No harm in that, except that the plays were sexually explicit and qiute obscene.
    I do not reacall the outcome of it all, but some of their teachers lost their jobs later on, and it was a very loud story in the country during several weeks.
    Preschoolers’ parents claimed that their children had been abused, while the students claimed freedom of speech.
    It was nasty.

  3. I’m about sick of hearing of porn, sex, etc related stories everywhere. It seems everywhere we turn there is some indecent thing happening to or around those responsible for minors. While children may appear to not have really been affected by this, I wonder how well a teacher could be doing their job with a corrupted mind. What other things might he/she be teaching, or worse, doing with the kids. I know we’re in the end of days… but sheesh…. MML, you sure you want to have 7 kids in this?

  4. Dlogan, Oh it is scary!! but. seems to me that the Lord needs the godly families to protect their children while they are young, and raise them up to be lights in this terrible darkness. And I think it would be wise to protect them when they are young, but I do not see this (frightening as it is!!) as a reason to say no to having an army for the Lord. If anything, I think that those Christian and godly families who love the Lord, and have amazing father’s ought to have many kids. I can say for certain that my family is one of the godly ones. It has an amazzing leader, who has broad shoulders, and a wise discerning mind. and a tender but firm heart. My husband would raise up amazing children for the Lord. I have full confindence in my Lord’s abiulity to reach the mind of my husband, and in my husband’s obedience to him. (I truly am bkessed in this regard!)


  5. It may surprise you to hear this, MInTheGap, but I actually completely agree with your post. This is completely inappropriate. There is no reason for a teacher to have a font like this on a school computer, and not only to avoid situations like this. I hope there was disciplinary action taken.

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