May 28, 2022

Follow Up: Debra LaFave – Media Darling

Debra LaFaveSo, if it wasn’t enough that this woman took advantage of an underage boy, got out of prison time because his mother didn’t want him to have to take the witness stand, and has been able to only serve house arrest and probation time, now she’s been given the media spotlight on multiple “news” networks in our nation.

Dateline NBC and the Today show interviewed this troubled woman, putting her face on screens nationwide for all to see, for what reason? She knows:

She told Lauer she never thought she was committing rape when she had sex with the teen but realizes now she “made a really, really, really bad choice.” She acknowledges that the case got so much attention – when similar cases get little or none – because she is attractive.

“Sex sells,” she said.

What I would find amusing if were not so tragic is the fact that Dateline NBC is the group that actually traps these kinds of predators in their shows– except usually it’s in a home with a degree of embarrassment. This woman is being paraded around for her looks.

I heard a bit of the interview on Rush Limbaugh the other day and was just stunned. Lauer asked her about this specific incident, and she went into this description how it was the boy raping her. Ok, that part could be believable if she hadn’t gone on to say that another teacher walked into the bathroom where he had pushed her and didn’t tell on them. That says to me that it was anything but rape.

Regardless, people like this should not be praised. They should not be getting media attention– regardless how many times I’ll hear “but we must understand them so we can prevent this from happening again!” This woman should be locked up, and used as a means toward public humiliation so that people will stop glorifying deviance and preach right relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Follow Up: Debra LaFave – Media Darling

  1. the abuse of children sexually is DISGUSTING. and I just can’t abide by it. I also want to point out that this woman has the audacity to wear a cross! I mean what is she trying to say? I love Jesus and little boys too?


    Mrs Meg Logan

  2. Well, she says that she really isn’t like what she’s being portrayed. I highly doubt she’s a recent convert, but we must desire that all men and women come to Christ– even those we find morally repugnant.

  3. Well yes of course. I certainly wasn’t meaning to imply that. I would hope she does come to Him and quickly! not only for HER sake, but so she can be free of this bondage of sin, and stop hurting kids.


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