April 17, 2021

The Consequence of Moral Erosion

GoodridgesOur society is running perilously toward the end of times and along the way we are following a path toward the innevitable extinction that many great societies before have gone. This road begins at a place when a group of people have high moral standards/convictions and a definite feeling of identity and ends at a place where people are bound only by name. What’s amazing is that this phenomenon happens in all societies where people at one point join together for a common reason and over the generations those reasons fade or are washed out.

In America, we are reaping the consequences of moral erosion. The things that the Founders of this country believed wihtout wavering we no longer believe. The exclusiveness of training and thought are labeled antique, outdated, and quaint. We are more tolerant now, more accepting of societal abberations. We are expected to embrace and except things that we should find repugnant. The high moral standard and the sewer are looking more and more the same now so that it is hard to tell the difference.

We can see one of the results in the number of people with mental problems. In my readings this week in the Psalms, a commentator had this to say about an expirament that illustrates my point:

This kind of behavior and consequence has been demonstrated in controlled laboratory expiraments. White rats are placed in wire cages having two openings, one at each end. One opening is square, the other round. When the rat becomes hungry he larns that when he pushes against the square hole he receives food, but when he pushes against the round hold he receives an electric shock. Naturally he goes for the square hole. So far so good. But then the experimenter gradually rounds out the square, food-rewarding hole. It begins to look more and more like the hole which administers the unpleasent experience. Before long, the rat’s powers of discrimination fail. The hard, squared edges of the food-rewarding hole become increasingly blurred and the rat no longer knows what to expect when he pushes against a hole, whether he will be rewarded with pleasure or punishment with pain for the choice he makes. His entire organism becomes unbalanced and out of control. In the end he dashes madly around his cage, biting and clawing, completely disoriented and upset. He has a nervous breakdown.

As we continue to redefine sin as something acceptable, we blur the lines. Just like, I feel, the effect sheer amount of laws out there would make just about everything either illegal or taxable, the redefinition of sin is making everything ok and that doesn’t work for human beings. Children are good examples of this. They need structure, they need boundaries. They test them, but they need them. A child with no boundaries set is a mess: they’re spoiled, they misbehave, and they take out whatever they will on others. Same thing with adults. With no (or shifting) moral boundaries we can no longer know what to expect from our neighbors and friends.

It used to be that our parents could trust people enough that we could leave a baby in the stroller outside of a supermarket and the child would still be there when they returned. Now I won’t even have a package delievered to my house because I’m afraid it will be stolen. It used to be that divorce was wrong and that people would get married and go their entire lifetime married. Now we not only have rampant divorce, but cohabitation and the cries for same sex marriage. I once thought there was a stigma about cheating in a marriage, but even that’s been challenged by websites and television shows advertising and glamorizing “desparate housewives.”

The moral boundaries that should be there to guide us and keep us doing right are being attacked and we hail those attacks as progress. Meanwhile we leave behind people that are being destroyed physically, mentally, and emotionally and leave a terrible example on our children.

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6 thoughts on “The Consequence of Moral Erosion

  1. Great article. I could not agree more.
    These subjects are constantly on my mind, as a parent and as a teacher. I see the moral decay and the watering out of rules, and all this has its grounds in the godless world view.
    It is perfectly OK to watch occult films, to read all sorts of New Age nonsense, to discuss selfimprovement techniques, to meditate. It is perfectly OK (here in Sweden) to get an abortion without informing the girl’s parents. It is perfectly OK to seek pleasure and selffulfillment. But it is not OK to pray, it is ridiculous to tell somebody that you are SAVED (what do you mean, have you gone mad?)
    Authorities are to be torn down, it seems, and nothing is certain any more.
    How much more difficult is our task as parents compared to just one hundred years ago? We stand alone, well, not literally – we have God behind us, but we stand alone against this sea of immorality so appropriately called ‘tolerance’.
    I just love this example of rats running mad.


  2. Following your line of thought, I found it interesting how shortly after 9/11/2001 we had people teaching Islam in school complete with prayer rugs, memorizing the pillars, etc. but we can’t have people learning about the Bible or Judiasm. We can’t reinforce what they know, we have to teach them something that they don’t and then we wonder why the children are frustrated.

  3. Did you know that Harvard just recently had the former president of Iran speak at their graduation ceremony?!! YIKES, lets invite the enemy to lay with us, and to teach us and “enlighten” us about their ways. These people have said time and time again that they will rule the world by the sword until “every tongue confesses Allah is the one true god” YIKES.

    Ann, I have heard that in Sweden you can have your kids removed from your custody for nearly anything, especially if you are a strict Biblical discipinarian. Is this true??

    MRs Meg Logan

  4. I thikn that this brig mess that’s going on over the Pope’s comments (which he read from someone else) shows just what these people think about us and our values. It’s certain that it’s not just a matter of a military base in their lands– they want us removed off the planet.

  5. Meg, I do not really know what to think. My views on 9/11 do not fit the official version, I would have to give my personal testimony while telling you what I think at the same time (that is so complicated for me). Anyway, it is not Islam IMHO that is responsible, nor the followers of this religion, or maybe not even those who live in the mentioned countries. Life and time have taught me to be critical, especially towards the media…
    Not every Muslim is evil, the same way as not every Christian is good (Muslim by name, Christian by name).
    These are very serious matters, and I do not believe that any war can solve the problems.

    Concerning Sweden – I suppose you mean spanking. No, it is forbidden by the law. Yes, if found guilty, one can lose their children temporarily or permanently. No, I do not spank my boys, though sometimes I would like to, believe me…

    MinThe Gap, Pope is riping what he had sawn, as simple as that.
    But should not we look at hings from the biblical point of view and rejoice instead for despair? I can see prophecies fulfilling. Maybe, just maybe we shall never die? Who knows?


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