June 23, 2021

New ‘Survivor’ Divides Groups by Race

Survivor Cook IslandsThe T.V. Reality Game Show Survivor is in a lot of hot water because of what is slated to happen in the upcoming season.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, the show takes people from all different areas and backgrounds, picks the ones it thinks will have the most T.V. chemistry and strands them on an island in different teams with different levels of supplies. Each episode shows some time with the group and usually two challenges– one for things that will help them in their quest, one for to see who will be kicked off the island. As the numbers go down, the teams merge and eventually the last seven to be eliminated choose between the final two as to the winner of $1,000,000.

In previous episodes they have used all different means to select the teams. They have selected them randomly, pick-em style with captains, men versus women– whatever they can do to draw attention and to test the people in the groups. This time they have chosen to have four teams based on race– and people (mostly people of color) are screaming racism.

Why this is a big deal, I do not know. Personally, I would have expected more outcries when they were divided by women and men– except the women took it as a challenge and as a chance to prove themselves. If the people of color took it this way too, we wouldn’t have a problem.

Those that are crying “racism” the loudest are, in fact, those most racist. Since they do not know how the different groups will turn out, it is they that assume that those of color will fail or will be made into foolish figures. One would figure that they wouldn’t be singing this tune if a person of color (Hispanic, Black, Asian) wins or if all the white people are kicked off the island first– so they have to be expecting the worst.

It’s sad when the people that are showing the most racism are those that are of that race.

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8 thoughts on “New ‘Survivor’ Divides Groups by Race

  1. The two reality shows we sometimes watch are Amazing Race and Survivor. I wish they could leave the “sexual preferences” angle completely out…we’ve ditched certain seasons because it was too blatant.
    Anyway, Dh and I were talking about the big brew-ha-ha about separating the teams into races and I think it’s a great idea. Do you think the Asian ones will have an unfair advantage since they enjoy a lot of rice? ;O)
    I’m like you, why wasn’t it a big deal to split the men against the women if this is such a big deal? I think they’re making it out to be more than it is…for what else, publicity!

  2. Did you have a problem with Rob and Amber and their marriage? In either case, I loved Amazing Race, but then they moved it to a late hour and I had to stop following it– and when we dropped cable we can’t get CBS over the airwaves!

  3. I’m not sure what you mean about Rob and Amber. I watched their “wedding” reality series, and was touched by how sweet and genuine they both seem to be. I haven’t seen a thing about either of them since the wedding aired! Amber seemed to me though, to have an old-fashioned kind of love for Rob. Like she couldn’t do enough to make him happy. Pretty neat when looking out for #1 is the trend.

    We are so blessed to live in the country…no cable necessary, and we get decent reception for 3 stations, PBS, CBS, and ABC. We get most of our news and weather on the internet, the kids watch some PBS (Zaboomafoo!), and hubby and I watch Amazing Race and Survivor when they’re on. Survivor is more hit or miss than AR, which I tape so we can watch after the kids are in bed. I love seeing the world/cultures the AR way!

    If we had to subscribe to cable, we wouldn’t. It’s way too much money for way too many channels we’d never watch. Not to mention if we were paying for them, we’d be more tempted to watch probably!

    My favorite Survivor ever was Rupert!

  4. Rupert was definitely the Survivor that everyone loved. They loved him in the Black Pirate one and they loved him in all stars. I’m sure that everyone in that final tribal counsel knew he would be the one chosen.

    We have cable for internet, and that’s about it. I think you’d find that you would be tempted to find something to watch, instead of finding better things to do.

  5. Oh good grief! I personally can’t wait to see this Survivor. After not watching since Rupert’s two seasons (he was a great character), I think I might tune in this season, just to see how the different races function.

    Everyone ought to know by now that races are different, just like men and women are different. We are all PEOPLE good grief, but we are different, and celebrating diversity doesn’t mean eliminating it and making us all out to be homogenous clones. It doesn’t mean giving people handicaps due to their race either, it means emphasising the good in a particular race, and celebrating our differences. I mean, all those differences come from God, who made us all wonderfully and fearfully.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  6. To some degree, sports have been a good basis from which to demonstrate the different talents and abilities different people groups have. Just look at Baseball, Basketball and Football. These sports generally choose the best players based on ability, not on skin color.

    We need to get past this racism that racist people want to thrust upon us and help build one another into the people they can be. Then we can glorify God in His wise creation.

  7. My biggest temptation is never tv, but the internet/blog-world! I even pick up a book to read these days and put it down right away…my once favorite authors latest is collecting dust half-read!

    As for the race issue, I agree with you guys, it’ll be interesting. I wonder if the 4 teams have a problem with how they’re being divided? Guess we’ll see.

    My dh brought the sports thing up too. It’ll be interesting!

  8. At least with the Internet you both have a means to get informed and contribute. With tv it’s entirely passive and you have to accept what is presented to you!

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