April 16, 2021

Standing Tall

While riding home from church that Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a look at some of the damage to the area caused by high-speed winds earlier in the summer. Everywhere you looked you could see the damage that had been caused. I sat in the back of the truck, near the window. Kinda tired from getting up early, I peered on with deep thoughts as I pondered what I was seeing.

As I looked upon the mess that was left, I first thought of what it must have looked like before the winds had come. I heard that there were a lot of trees, and I could just picture the beauty that the area must have had.

I saw homes that were made to look like the walls were made of playing cards. Buildings had fallen, and some repaired. It was interesting to see the people starting to put their lives back together. I wondered what it would be like to have to start from scratch, and my heart went out to the people that had lost their homes.

On the way out, though, is when I saw the thing that touched me most about the whole afternoon. Amidst the dead trees on the ground, and the crumpled houses, there stood one tall tree. It was standing, straight up in fact. There were no trees around it for a long way. I looked around at the damage, and then at the tree and thought about what we go through every day in our Spiritual lives.

Every day, we are barraged with attacks from a power that is much stronger than we are. Every day he finds new ways, tries new tactics, and seems to find that week spot, that area least defended, and attacks with much vigor. Only those truly grounded in the Lord can stand against this mighty onslaught.

It is He, through His strength, that allows us to stand tall amidst adversity. It is He that supports and encourages us. As that tree so stands amidst the disaster, so we are called to stand while it seems that all is against us.

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