April 19, 2021

Teen with Cancer Can Forgo Chemotherapy

Starchild Abraham Cherrix - AP PhotoIn a victory for families and the battle for who has rights to decide treatments, a 16-year-old’s legal fight to not have chemotherapy ended in victory when an agreement was reached between his family’s lawyers and those of the social services.

Contrary to what Social Services was claiming, the parents were not neglectful of their child’s health, but wanted to seek an alternate form of treatment– and they’ve been granted their wish. The child gets to choose the doctor of his choice, and then pursue that treatment. His parents have to report on his progress until his is either cured or turns 18.

This is amazing considering the recent wave of courts giving government priority over parents in regards to what is to happen to/for a child. I’m not convinced that the tide is turning– yet! We need to pray and continue to push the idea forward that children are God’s blessings to the parents– not the government.

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