April 20, 2021

Robot shopping carts follow you around

It’s amazing where your mind can take you. Gregory Garcia didn’t like the fact that a shopping cart kept bumping into his heels when driven by his sister, so he invented a robotic shopping cart that can follow you around and slow down when you need to fill it.

Others created robots that could walk around a room balancing a ping pong ball, one that would play basketball with a ping pong ball, ones that play poker, that can tell color blind people what color a stop light is, and ones that can act as submarines.

Isn’t it amazing the minds that God has given us. We create like He creates. We apply inginuity that He gave us. He truly is an awesome God.

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One thought on “Robot shopping carts follow you around

  1. Your post reminded me of an interesting blog I came across last year: Robots That Jump

    To the authors of this site, the test of true robotic AI will be when a robot can complete a jump from the squat position and landing in the same. Very strange, but a practical definiton nonetheless. Gives us something to shoot for, and in the process, think of all the cool things they’ll come up with.

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