April 22, 2021

Parents vs. Teachers

Debra LaFaveThe next time you watch a video or see an ad in the news regarding homeschooling having a negative impact on their kids, I’d like you to remember something.

For every parent that abuses the homeschooling as a means of treating their kids poorly, how many teachers have sexually or physically abused their kids? How many families are impacted by the abuse of a teacher?

So far, we’ve covered here on this site teachers that pose topless and call it art, that have sex with other teachers in the classrooms, that have flings with children and are then still try to pick them up on paroll, and other atrocities.

We’ve seen that the public schools are grounds for sex gone wild. Schools are not shocked at mass statutory rape, it occurs in the auditorium and people do nothing about it, it starts in 6th or 7th grade, and the list goes on.

Now I know that I’m taking bad examples, and it “never would happen in my school,” but it is happening at schools across the nation. Just like someone could say “we don’t know what’s really going on in the homes of these homeschooling families– we don’t really know what’s going on in the classrooms and after hours, especially when parents aren’t home.

Parents have fallen into the trap, and it’s a complex one. It starts when we believe that we need that second job, and we’re comfortable with it because mem will only be out of the house for a couple of hours longer than junior will be out of school. It started when Mom thought it was more rewarding to have that career and have time away (even though she naturally didn’t want to) from that child. It continues as we let others whose views we do not select teach our children morals and values that are not our own in the name of choice– since people believe they have the moral capacity to make those kinds of value judgements.

Hello!? God gave children to parents, not government, for a reason.

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2 thoughts on “Parents vs. Teachers

  1. Nope, but what I am saying is that the best defense against these things are parents. When parents actively decide that a job or a lifestyle is more important than protecting their children and getting involved in knowing what’s going on in their children’s lives, then they should not be surprised when something bad happens.

    I’m not saying that the pedophile is not responsible for his action, but there is some degree of responsibility on both parties here since these boys are having sex with these women– it’s not simply one way.

    And if parents are homeschooling, or parents are home when their child gets home, the odds are less that their children will have time for dalliances with a teacher.

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