April 20, 2021

One More Job Mom Has: Detective/Crime Solver

Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do.  In this case, a mother proved to her children that there was a penalty for wrong behavior.  A mother in Norco, California went the extra mile when a group of teenagers toilet papered and vandalized their home– now they are facing the police.

Katja Base was unwilling to let some teenagers get away with their prank, so she did some detective work.  She called around to the local supermarkets to have them check their daily supply of toilet paper.  Sure enough, there was a day at a particular store where there was a run on the item.

When the fact that the group paid in cash seemed to slow them down, the supermarket let her look at some survailence tapes of the time period.  One of the teens had a letterman’s jacket with the name stiched on it– and the truck they used was visible.  Now it was simply a matter of a telephone book, a yearbook, and time.

I can guarantee you these teens did not expect to get caught.  Certainly, they thought their little prank was cute, or gave them a rush, and may have escalated into bigger things.  In a way it’s a good thing this mother caught them now instead of when they were going after a bank armed with guns!

However, there are times that we do just about the same and we expect to get away with it.  We do something that we think no one sees.  We do something that’s fun to us for the moment– not realizing what that thing can do to us.  We don’t realize how it could effect our reputation, the respect that we have built, and we don’t realize that God will hold us accountable.

Character is what we do when no one else is looking.  How does your character compare to your reputation?

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