April 16, 2021

My Dad Demonstrates Kindness

It was more than a year ago that my wife and I decided that in order to get out of the debt that we had accumulated and to accomadate our growing family we were going to have to sell the two cars (including my beloved 2 door Saturn SC2 with moon roof– the works) that we had and move to one mini-van. Between the insurance and the fact the we had a new one on the way, we needed the change, and we did not want to go any further in debt.I had (and still am) been in the habit of driving home at lunch time to be with my family. It’s something that I’m very blessed to have the ability to do since we live much closer than my father did when I was growing up. It allows me to be with my wife and children at all meals, and lets my wife have some adult communication in the middle of the day (and a hand with diapers, etc.)So, the problem came up about how I would get to work, and if I could continue to come home for lunch. My father offered to step in, and though my house is on the way to the place where we both work, it still takes him longer to get in to wor than it would if he didn’t have to pick me up. Sometimes he’s had to wait as my family is running late. He lets me take his car home at lunch time, and though he jokes about me leaving the radio on a certain station or using up his air conditioning (which is broken this summer!), he is gracious and willing to bend his schedule to mine.My dad shows kindness to me each and every day, and I’d like to use this first Weekend Kindness post to thank him for that.

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6 thoughts on “My Dad Demonstrates Kindness

  1. What a great father! Even greater how God provided for you to be able to downsize and still be able to be with your family at lunchtime! I miss those days! Dh used to be self-employed…and we had all our meals together, plus his shop was mere feet from the house. Now he works over a half hour from home and sometimes we take a treat out there for him and his co-workers on the excuse to spend his lunch hour with him! It’s great when Dads can come home for lunch!
    My WK is up!

  2. You are a lucky man to have a father that you can be close to. I think it is so neat that you work together and that he’s able to bless you like that.

    Also, I pasted the code on my blog, but it must only work when it’s on this site. Thanks for connecting me anyway!

  3. I have loved hearing about so many wonderful Dads lately. Fathers are truly a rich gift that the world overlooks today. I thank God every day for mine and his love for me. We started out on the wrong foot – I am thankful every day that God allowed me to grow up in the nick of time to enjoy a great relationship with my Dad.

    My WK is up now, a little late!

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  5. Thanks for the post at my site…


    believe me, I know all about being in DEBT! It’s a horrible helpless feeling. We are in the position now where we are considering selling one of our cars, and my husband is considering getting a motorcycle to get to work in (he works like 2.5 miles from home). We both drive older cars as it is… but every little bit helps when your trying to survive on one income and pay off debt… so… I can relate to your situation!

    and BTW, tell your dad… that is very cool of him to help you all out that way… and he’s not only helping you… but your kids as well, since by his small gesture of letting you use your car, it contributes to your wife staying with the kids… which will reap HUGE!

    Thanks for the info about the weekend kindness thing… You happened to catch me online with your post… so I’ll check back for the info tomorrow!


  6. Debt is hard to get rid of. We thought we were living the American dream with two of us and two cars, etc. Even after I totalled mine in an accident, it didn’t occur to me that I could get by with only one until we were trying to get every penny together so that we could get out of this debt. We’re trying the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey to try to help us manage the debt and get back to discipline about spending.

    I don’t know about a motorcycle, though. I’d be scared to ride one!

    You’re right that my dad helps all of us out, and I’ll make sure to tell him thank you again.

    Hope you find our mission on weekend kindness something interesting, and I really like your passion to work with your kids over at your site. I’ll be checking to see how you’re doing this year as we’ll be starting soon too.

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