April 16, 2021

Do Women Need This Kind of Protection?

Blow Up ManIn case you’re ever in a situation where you have to go somewhere by yourself, ladies, Sheilas’ Wheels has a solution to calm even the most timid woman who doesn’t like driving in the dark.  It’s called “Buddy on Demand.”  An inflatible man is willing to ride in the car next to you in the hopes that people will think that there’s a real man in the car next to you so you don’t have to be afraid.

(BTW, I’m having a hard time writing this with a straight face.)

It’s interesting the effect the other person in your life has on you.  For the man, a woman gives him the decoration in life.  She’s an anchor, a solace, a port in the storm.  She gives his life meaning and order.  She cares for him like the rest of the world doesn’t (except maybe his mom) and she compliments him.

For the woman, the man offers protection and provision.  This is regardless of whether the woman works (since even high income earning women want a man who makes more than them).  He provides a sense of stability and safety.

They can both trust in each other for meeting each other’s needs.  It would seem to me that if we had more couples that would fill the needs in the others lives (including being there for that dark road trip– or moving!), then we wouldn’t have Mr. “Buddy on Demand.”

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