April 22, 2021

Let It Rain

Lubbock, Texas is gearing up to pray for a miracle. They believe in miracles. Two years ago, they prayed for rain after a drought and the subsequent rainfall nearly broke the city records.

In our first year of home schooling, my daughter and I read about a similar miracle. In the summer of 1623, after enduring twelve weeks of drought, the pilgrims met to pray. They determined the Lord was trying to tell them something.

Earlier, in the spring, they’d decided that in addition to planting their commonly shared field of corn, they’d allow a second planting of corn—each man for himself. The consensus reached after serious heart-searching was that perhaps they’d evidenced greed in wanting the chance to plant their own crops. A day for prayer and fasting was scheduled. After many hours of prayer, they left the blockhouse to the sweet sounds of a gentle rain. A rain that continued for the next fourteen days.

In the fall of 1623, the pilgrims harvested more than enough corn with leftover to trade.

God promises blessings to those who follow His ways. Many kinds of drought affect mankind. What will He have to do to gain our attention?

How’s your faith been lately?

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