April 13, 2021

Same-sex marriage pioneers separate

GoodridgesSo, it’s either over or just begun, depending how you look at it.  This couple was one of the seven that filed the lawsuit that brought Same Sex marriage to Massachusettes and created many state amendments prohibiting it.  These people are truly pioneers in creating special rules for people participating in a specific action/activity/sin.
I’ve been waiting for some time for people with other compulsions (kleptomania, serial killers, etc.) to come up with a gene for their crime and a reason that they should have special rights (maybe they could start with a special jail cell) but I guess that, to a degree, that’s happening with the whole “I can’t die by lethal injection because that’s too painful” court cases.

But back to this couple.  I find it fascinating that this couple that have tried this hard for this– wanted it so badly– cannot stay together for a little longer than 2 years.  They were “married” on May 17, 2004, it’s July of 2004 now.  Doesn’t that tell us something.  In my mind, two things immediately present itself.

  1. Either these relationships were inherently fragile on a whole as we all said.
  2. This is a ploy for more legal action.

I wouldn’t put it passed the second one, since they were pioneers with the first.  Perhaps someone took this couple with their child (well, at least one of theirs child) and  decided they’d make a good test case for how divorce would work.

I feel sorry for all of the parties in this thing.  I feel sorry for the child who has lived a confused life– not having good examples, missing a father’s love, and now having to see this crazy episode.  I feel sorry for the partners.  Sorry that they were misled into participating in this perversion.  Sorry that they forced a state and country to have to witness same sex couples kissing and reveling in this sin. Sorry that they used a child as a tool to get what they wanted.

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