June 17, 2021

Who Would You Spend Time With?

Jessica Biel If you could spend time with any person on the earth, who would it be?  For one man, it was the woman to the left, Jessica Biel.  She recently auctioned off a date on behalf of a girl run over by a car.  The winner, a man in a suit with close cropped hair wearing a white tie bid $30,000 for a date with her.

In my second semester of college I was asked who I would want to spend time with if I could choose to spend time with anyone that I wanted that wasn’t a Bible character. I whispered to the person sitting next to me that it would be A. W. Tozer. Amazingly, a few sentences later, the man quoted from Tozer. If you’ve never read his writings, you will find that he is a man of deep thoughts that cut to your core.

It’s interesting where we place our priorities and what we value.  For this man, it was worth $30,000 for the chance to spend time with a girl that he may never see again.  It may be for the fame, bragging rights, or whatever, but this man showed what he valued.

Every day we choose what we value.  We choose it through what we choose to spend money.  We choose it in how much time we devote to following it.  We choose it in how we treat things.  We choose it in what we choose to think about or do when there’s nothing mandatory for us to do.

How does what you value show in what you do?  Do the things you say you value match up to how you spend your time, thoughts, and money?

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