May 9, 2021

Tribal Leader Ousted Over Abortion Clinic

After the South Dakota passed a strict law banning almost all abortions (including those for rape and incest), Cecelia Fire Thunder decided that she would put one on the Indian reservation out of the reach of the state law.  The tribe decided that wasn’t such a good idea, and removed her from leadership.  She appealed the removal, and was temproarily reinstated until she was removed a second and final time.

The tide is turning.  What we are seeing more and more of is the public’s lack of tolerance for the right to destroy life, and with this forward motion, nothing would surprise me as far as how the people will vote or be polled or however they make their voice heard on this issue.  More and more the voices of abortion are being silenced by those of life because of the fact that you cannot deny that a baby in womb is just a baby with a different address– not a “part of the woman’s body.”

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One thought on “Tribal Leader Ousted Over Abortion Clinic

  1. All though I don’t agree with all that you post,.. I really enjoy reading your blog. I respect your point of view and your writting is clear to the point and strong.
    So thank you. I look foward to reading more.

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