May 10, 2021

They Can See Our Passion

One of the most powerful things that a Christian has is his testimony. Anyone can say that they read a book, or agree with a statement. When a person spouts off about a miracle they read in the Bible or in another book, people can say that the person is taking all in faith. When you have a witness and a testimony– when it’s your story being told– there’s a difference.

God is constantly at work in lives. He answers prayer, is concerned with our concerns, and knows our inmost thoughts. Yet how often do we take advantage of this loving God.

Neil Steinberg is a cynic at some level. He believes in God– the man upstairs kind. This is his “Malign God Theory”:

There is a deity, and He does hear our prayers, but often acts perversely, for his own amusement. Feeling a little down? Fine, sayeth the Lord, maybe this will perk you up! Cue the Pro-Life Action League.

In this case, he says that the posters and placards showing how disgusting abortion is is gruesome to him because he doesn’t want to have to think about it. However, he makes my point. He realizes that people that have a passion for what they believe and stick with it are much easier to be with than those that do not:

That’s the problem with the whole conflict. There’s no balance. On one side you’ve got guys like Joe Scheidler, practically a biblical figure, John Brown holding a staff and spreading his arms over bleeding Kansas. On the other, you have bland rationality under the by-definition indecisive banner of “choice” (hmmm, which one, let’s see …) afraid to give their names and lacking anywhere near the passion their opponents possess. It hardly seems a fair fight.

You see what effect passion has? Passion for your beliefs, though it may bring ridicule in the short term, has a way of drawing admiration, of silencing refutations. Living your faith makes you believable and appealing. Compromising has just the opposite effect than what you think it has. Instead of making you more like “one of the guys” it actually undermines your testimony and the secret admiration that they have for you and turns you into that hypocrite you always claim to be afriad you’ll appear because you fall into sin.

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