April 22, 2021

Moral Inequivalence – Suicide Bombing as a Strategy

Cal ThomasCal Thomas takes up the moral inequivalence in reporting on the Iraq War.  When the three men committed suicide in the GitMo prison in Cuba, the British media reported it as if these people were the average person committing suicide out of desperation.  They failed to take into account that these people are of the belief that

  1. If they die a martyr they will have some number of virgins at their disposal
  2. If they die a martyr they will get media attention and hopefully get them out of holding without having to reveal the information they hold.

The media have a way of showing sympathy for these people that are committing calculated acts of warfare in killing themselves– the fortunate thing this time being the fact that they did not take any other people with them by exploding themselves.

These people in GitMo are not there because they were guiltless.  They are there because they were on the battlefield.  They are enemy combatents.  They are good at manipulation.  They have studied us and know our vulnerabilities, and we need to be sure that we maintain a right perspective in our struggle for survival.

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4 thoughts on “Moral Inequivalence – Suicide Bombing as a Strategy

  1. It is just sad that people actually choose to kill themselves rather than revealing the information they hold that could literally save many lives. I have read some stories like this about what you have mentioned in point number 1 “If they die a martyr they will have some number of virgins at their disposal”. I have even read that their families also thinks that they are heroes in doing such “martyr” acts by committing suicide.

  2. I like this post. So true. They think that if they die as a martyr, they think that this is also a way to please their God. I have seen some videos online about kids who had sworn to be suicide bombers when they grow up and their families are very proud of it. Such a shame.

    1. It is a shame. It’s a shame that they cannot be reached with the Gospel of Christ before this time. It’s a shame that they think they have to give up their lives simply to try to kill other people.

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