May 18, 2021

Taking Pro-Life to the People

South Dakota is on the cutting edge of the Pro-Life Movement.  They passed a state law banning abortions which is the most restrictive law in the U.S.  It goes so far as to say that if the mother and baby are in peril, the doctor must try to save both.  As you can imagine, this has the pro-abortion side up in arms.

The Pro-Abortion side first tried to take the issue to court, but they were not successful.  Doing the only thing that they could (for political reasons), they took the vote to the people looking for affirmation.  This is a terribly risky move– for the pro-abortion group.  For one, pro-life seems like it has a lot of support in this state.  Should the voters agree with what the lawmakers did, it would be terribly difficult for the pro-abortion side to do anything there again.

Should the people vote against pro-life, it could be beneficial to the group in more ways than one.  Since these issues tend to get a lot of people to the polls, it could effect who is elected to the legislature.  Which is why, with the prevaling tide changing to be against abortion in this country, I don’t thing this was a good tactical move on the pro-abortion side.

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