May 7, 2021

Is Clutter Ruling Your Life?

One of the things my pastor says always gets young couples into trouble is trying to have in their house what it took their parents a life time to get.  So, those thiings– paintings, figurines, etc that you have no need of but look nice tend to be somethinig couple prioritize.  They lead to clutter all along your house– clutter that must be maintained.

The right clutter needs to be displayed, be it whichever holiday you’re currently around.  The clutter needs to be dusted and taken care of.  Collections continue to be added to until they get unwieldy.

This is where Amy’s advice comes into play.  In answering some questions, she gives advice about what her family does in terms of getting more time by having less clutter.

What do you have in your home that is taking time away from what you should be doing for the Lord?

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5 thoughts on “Is Clutter Ruling Your Life?

  1. This computer thing comes to mind.

    Actually, I’ve had to force myself to blog lately. As for clutter, my Amy (coincidence?)and I don’t really go in for the decoration thing. We adorn our walls with meaningful things like pictures and awards. My son has a clock and a hand drawn Gollum from one of the 3D modelers from ROTK, who just so happens to be his cousin. Other than that, it’s blank walls.

    My problem is just not making enough time for the Lord. I have no excuses usually, then I get really busy for a stretch and somehow apply that excuse to the guilt I had before. A sinful brian is brilliant that way.

  2. I think I’ve started this reply five times now. Your comment is very good– it’s hard to get time for the Lord and important things like family. You want to have an impact in the World, or help your family financially, and you can get so caught up in it that the other things in life get croweded out. We always need to make the important things come first.

  3. Believe it or not, when I go to friends and family’s homes I feel a little guilty for not decorating our home more. I know it’s dumb, but that’s how it works.

  4. Ha! You’d think so if you read my blog description! My main problem with clutter is our homeschooling projects…I’ve relaxed SO much since bc (before children!)…Formerly neurotic (about housekeeping!), I now just grimace and go with the flow…
    Now, my dh, he’s the clutterbug! Can’t throw out any Western Horseman mags…are you kidding!? And my oldest takes after him…her dresser is covered with nature’s treasures…bird’s nests, eggs, butterflies, a locust, a jar with a chrysallis, etc.
    I really enjoyed reading Amy’s post on clutter…thanks for referring us to it, and also for putting my blog on your technorati favorites! I’m humbled, really. Been browsing your other favorites…wow! Lots of good reading.
    Have a blessed week!

  5. Well, thanks for keeping a good weblog and coming back over here! I’m glad to be able to share cyberspace with all of you.

    I’m sure the same thing will happen to us as we start homeschooling– right now it’s just toys everywhere!

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