May 16, 2021

Surfing at Work

There are many different ways employers are dealing with the inevitable– employees surfing at work.  Some of the surfing is job related– finding a fix to the latest software package, planning a business trip, etc.  Others are finding out the score to a baseball game, etc.  Should companies allow surfing?

ZDNet posits that Office surfers aren’t slackers. Part of the reason that they give is that people may spend time surfing at work, but that’s because we live in a time where we are connected at all times.  We’re also more likely to be doing business at home or via cell phone, and so business and work have blended together.

As long as it doesn’t impact your performance, surfing can give you new ideas, all for a healthy outlet, and broaden your horizons.  As a funny twist, SatireWire has an article about work getting in the way of surfing time!

In either case, we live in a changing culture– in this case a culture that has the need to feel connected at all times, and that can have good and bad consequences.

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5 thoughts on “Surfing at Work

  1. I work at home all the time being a History teacher. However, I know of examples of teachers at my school who use the internet to run their side businesses and screw around on MySpace. That’s just unprofessional.

    Back to working at home…I think I should get paid if I go the the movies on a Friday night and a bunch of my students walk in and sit down. I tell them every Friday that i don’t want to see any of them around on the weekend, and they don’t listen. It’s time my union stepped in and did their thing.

  2. It is interesting that you are their students “teacher” no matter where you and they are. You cannot escape it. You are their example– just like those people who found their teacher in the swimsuit photographs or topless or whatever– you’re expected to be above reproach everywhere. Thanks for all you and those like you do.

  3. That reminds me of something that happened in our morning service. Our pastor was talking about the heat and made the comment that in the winter you can always add more layers, but in the summer you cannot always take them off. I said “Amen” to the man behind me and added, “I’m glad he can’t take any more off.” That got the guy behind me laughing so hard that the preacher saw him (in our small congregation) and made some comment about him busting up laughing. 🙂

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