April 17, 2021

Homosexuals Show Intolerance

Love Thy NeighborThe town of Provincetown, Massachusettes was one of the first to have a same sex marriage ceremony when they were allowed to.  They pride themselves on their tolerance, calling in a group from the AntiDefamation League in the 1990s to fix toleration issues.

Now the intolerance is going the other way. Homosexual people in this community are now choosing to insult, namecall, and harass those that are not homosexual.  They have started to call heterosexual (normal) people “breeders” and one woman was verbally harassed for signing a petition against same sex marriage.

You see where this is going, right?  It’s easy to play the victims when you’re a small group, and when it’s what you have to do in order to get people (particullarly judges) to see you as some group that is a minority and discriminated against.  But once you have some semblance of rights, it’s easy to start being cocky and start to believe that you are entitled to things, and then you cross the line and show your true colors.
A person shows who they truly are when put under stress or pressure.  It was simply a matter of time before homosexuals started showing just how intolerant and hypocritical they are– complaining that heterosexual people do not tolerate them when it’s actually the opposite.  Can you say “heterophobia”?

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6 thoughts on “Homosexuals Show Intolerance

  1. First of of MIn you are brave man to be posting this. I did this a few times and I cannot tell you the filth these people said on my blog, it came close for to shutting it down, but then I thought, nope, I will not let them win this battle.

    Anyhoo, they truly are the ones who are teaching hate and intolerance. If someone disagrees with them they fly off the handle. They cannot stand for people to have different opinions. They believe they are correct and expect the world to adhere to what they say.

    What angers me, though, is that now those poor people who signed the petition are being harassed and no one is doing anything to protect their rights.

  2. I find this from the article I linked to telling:

    The town, which prizes its reputation for openness and tolerance, is taking the concerns seriously, though police say they do not consider the incidents hate crimes.

    “Hate language is usually the early-warning signal that could lead to hate-motivated violence,” Town Manager Keith Bergman said. “And before that happens, we try to nip it in the bud.”

    “We have not had problems in a long time,” police Staff Sergeant Warren Tobias said. “I don’t necessarily view this as a big problem, but it’s certainly a blip on our radar screen.”

    If this were happening the other way, the people of the town would be all over this guy wanting someone to do something about it.

  3. Absolutely typical of the ”gay agenda”,and it’s henchmen.
    I work with a few gays at my job,and none of them has EVER hit on me,but I still get he creeps when I’m around them,because what they do is morally and spiritually wrong.

    I have researched a lot about the militant homosexual movement,and it fits almost to a tee the rise of National Socialism,the NAZI Party.

    The same kinds of rhetoric,mindsets,and political double-dealing that went on in the nascent Third Reich,you will see there.

    The use of propaganda,doublespeak euphemology,and codewords for actions,are present in most of the gay routines that are used to undercut,shame,embarrass,and render ineffective any type of resistance that they have encountered.

    They use pity,victimology,and outright lies;they spew venom at organized religion and Christian value systems in order to appear as the oppressed minority.

    The reality of it is;they are the hateful ,criminally -minded offenders,who having failed to get their way,attack and calumniate anyone and anything that DARES to stand up against the assault they have thrown at society and God.

    It’s all about spite,revenge,and unbridled,Satanically-inspired LUST.

    The sooner people wake up and realize that all these pariahs want is to basically rape and destroy,merely for the sake of raping and destroying,the sooner civilization will be able to fight them as the enemies they truly are.
    I agree that we are supposed to pray for them,and I do,but there are the hardcore militants that want our kids for sex-toys.
    And that,is something I will fight till the last breath leaves my body,I don’t care hoe politically incorrect it is.

  4. I have researched a lot about the militant homosexual movement,and it fits almost to a tee the rise of National Socialism,the NAZI Party

    Didn’t the Nazis send homosexuals to concentration camps?

    I suggest that any similarity between one group and another are down to fallen human nature, and that we Christians are also capable of demonstrating that same fallen nature whenever we seek to put others into categories that allow us to dismiss them.

    Now in the article above, it seems that fallen and sinful people are attempting to generate strife and tension. Should we, as Christians, allow ourselves to meet strife with strife? What did Jesus tell us should be our response when we are struck by someone?


  5. One year, while I was a counselor at a summer music camp, a girl that was friends with some homosexual people asked me if I would feel comfortable sitting next to someone that was homosexual. I basically said that if I knew they were homosexual it was because they were the making an issue of it, and I would feel uncomfortable– just like if someone came next to me and said that they were a prostitute.

    Certainly God loves the person, and we should want to see them saved, but they are in some very dangerous sin (the last of the things in Romans 1 that describe a society out of control). One should use caution.

  6. In our neighborhood, there is a sign up that reads “God created us ALL equal. What do you think?” and the bottom of the sign is the gay rainbow. (Interesting that they chose the promise of God that He will not eliminate the whole earth by water again, for their symbolism isn’t it?)

    Everytime I read that sign I get angry. What right do they have to accuse those who believe the Word of considering homosexuals a lower class?? I don’t think they are any worse off than I was once! I thought I was a homosexual once! (boy the devil had a hold of me in those days, praise the Lord I’m free!) It’s just down right ridiculous! They are in a tight bondage, and they need freedom. I feel very angry that the Devil has decieved so many, and angry about the rise of it as “acceptable”. But I don’t hate them or think homosexuals are lesser people. Just lost! And needing Christ.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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