April 18, 2021

Who Has the Authority to Declare a Person a Girl?

Meg Logan comments on something I’m sure we’ll see more of.  She states that a news station in Florida reported on a boy being diagnosed with transgender disorder.  This boy has been given a female name, and perhaps is lined up for the little girls room, if not scheduling sex change surgery.

Follow me here:  Do you see the natural progression?  A sin starts out as something that people recognize as being wrong.  Witchcraft, homosexuality, beastiality, transgenderism, etc.  People label it as wrong (sometimes doing things that they shouldn’t do– like burn people) and act accordingly.

Then something changes.  We don’t want to give people a stigma, we want to show love, so instead of helping to correct the condition, we are accepting of it.  As some people refuse to accept it, we must find some pseudo-scientific excuse why a person was born such a way and therefore has an excuse to behave or be such a way.

Eventually, people accept the pseudo-science or psychology, and then inflict all kinds of things on children in the name of helping them.  Here’s where it comes to its logical conclusion.  How long will it be until the parents realize their mistake?

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