May 8, 2021

What You Wear Makes a Difference

I’ve seen it and you’ve seen it. Summer’s the perfect time to spot it. No, I’m not talking about swimsuits that leave too little to the imagination, fake tans, or golfers. I’m talking about the crazy footwear people put on once they figure they don’t have to worry about getting snow on their toes.

Now, Belinda Goldsmith is coming out to say that your footwear– in particular Flip Flops– may have a negative impact on your career. And this is supposed to do what– surprise us? Can I see a show of hands for the number of people that have heard someone coming down the hall for (this is a highly technical term) Slurp-Smack of a flip flop? How about the fact that some people have a hard time keeping them on?

Many companies have rules against them, but it’s hard to enforce unless it truly looks like a beach shoe. Nowadays someone can pay up to $140 for a pair! Just like typical America, we’ll pay $140 for something that will do damage to our feet if used over extended periods of time.

Our culture is trending more and more towards relaxation and recreation that hard work and high morals. Not to say all flip flop owners demonstrate those characteristics, for I own a pair myself. You just wouldn’t catch me wearing them to the office!

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3 thoughts on “What You Wear Makes a Difference

  1. I have to confess I love my white and blue flip-flops! They are just sooo confy. However, I would never ever pay more than $3 for mine. It is just so easy to slip them on and be on your way. So, yep, I am one of those annoying people making the strange noises down a hall. LOL!

  2. I have no beef with flip-flops, especially since many nowadays are almost classy. However,don’t get me started on Crocs. Those are the ugliest…I don’t care how comfortable they are. A grown woman or man,for that matter,in hot pink crocs is the most absurd sight…good for a laugh if nothing else…
    They’re ok on kids. Not my kids.;)

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