June 15, 2021

Missing God’s Will

This morning in Sunday School, our pastor touched on 2 Peter 1:4-9 and how that God has given us great promises and that as Christians we’re to be building on that saving faith different aspects– each one more difficult than the first! He then concluded with verse 8 where it states that if we have those things in our life, we will not be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of Christ, but it was the next verse that struck me as interesting.

Our pastor then went on to say that verse 9 shows that those that do not have these things in their lives are like a near sighted person– they cannot see afar off. It reminded me of those that look for signs and miracles or the fact that one of the biggest things people want help finding is God’s will. Do they need to have books and sermons on it because they cannot see it because they are not in the Word?

Certainly that must be part of it– because if we were in the Word we would know whether we were headed the right, and we would know God’s mind about a given topic. Another part of it might be that we want to know things now and we want things our way.

There is a lot in the Scripture to tell you how you can know you’re in God’s will if you’re willing to take time to find it.

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2 thoughts on “Missing God’s Will

  1. That is a favorite passage of mine! And I love discussions about God’s will, and “having faith”…seems like too many Christians have “faith in faith”…not “faith in God” kwim? Maybe I’ll blog about it sometime…
    Thanks for reminding me of those verses!
    Happy Sunday…

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