April 17, 2021

Wanna Have a Child? That’ll Be 50 Cents

Vietnam has a two child policy. Have another child, pay a fine. One father ignored that policy and was charged the fine, but he had an unique idea, he named the child the amount of the fine! The poor child went by the name “Fined Six Thousand and Five Hundred” until he was a teen! The local government officials finally persuaded the father to change his name, which he changed to one meaning “Golden Dragon.” The boy is now 19!

This is the absurdity of one and two child policies– people are missing out on the blessing of the children or treating children as a burden rather than a gift. This man did right in keeping the child and not aborting it, even though he chose a bad name for his child– labelling him as to how much it cost him to have him, rather than how much he meant to the family.

However, I bet that there was another motive in the local government wanting the change. The boy was a walking billboard of the government’s policy and that the boy was certainly worth more than his name. Who can replace a child for the equivalent of 50 cents? I hope there were many conversations that this child was mentioned with adults in the local government and how silly their law was.

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