April 22, 2021

If Gays Can’t Marry, Then No One Can

At one point in time I have to say I seriously considered what Barbara Lifton is proposing. Since the high courts of New York decided that the state constitution did not recognize same sex marriage, she suggested that the government get out of the wedding business and just create some kind of civil contracts that people could enter into regardless of what kind of couple would apply. One could easily imagine children and older people or men and multiple women applying, and vice versa. I also wonder what would become of bigamy laws, since it would be conceivable that a civil committment could be entered into by multiple people.

Stanley Kurtz at The Corner talks about how homosexual marriage, for all of their talk of strengthening marriage or adding to it, is actually working toward the abolition of marriage. As I’ve said before, there are societal benefits to traditional marriage: stable family units that raise children for the benefit of society. The way that the same-sex marriage is headed, the abolition of traditional marriage may see like the only solution to them.

Kim Priestap on WizBang goes one step further and suggests that if marriage is exchanged for civil committment, the PC police will begin to force people not to say “marriage” because it is this religious term (one more thing for the ACLU to remove from society?) and refer to all couplings and civil committments so as not to offend the same-sex couples. Pretty soon, Kim suggests, men will be down on one knee proposing a civil committment– how romantic.

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