May 10, 2021

Cartoonists Are Not Theologians

CaricatureIn the latest edition of what Cartoonists are not, Scott Adams proves that cartoonists are not theologians. He had considerable glee that Scientific American “proved” that prayer doesn’t really help sick people. Mindcleaner takes him to task in short order.

It’s amazing that people believe that prayer is some kind of magic incantation that should produce some magical result. In fact, there’s a lot to prayer. So much that the twelve disciples that followed Jesus around during His earthly ministry felt it necessary (even after being with him for a while) to ask Him how they should pray! David, in the Psalms, said that if he regarded iniquity (had a regular sin in his life) the Lord would not hear him. There’s also Biblical passage that states that God does not hear/answer the prayer of the unrighteous except to repentance. So, one wonders about the composition of the study.

Mindcleaner brings out the many Biblical references to not testing God. In fact, this was Jesus answer to the Pharisees about them wanting a sign produced to prove who He was. Jesus said it was a perverse generation that seeks a sign.

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