April 19, 2021

What We Do Is Not Private II

In what is becoming a regular occurance, another set of people are being surprised by the fact that someone can use a search engine to find pictures they never thought could be found. We live in a technological age, and people seem to think that they can still be anonymous even though there are serach engines out there and people with time to find things. People post images of hazings at sports initiations and those that have “artistic photos” taken of them in various stages of undress while teaching a public school class.

Colleges, schools and businesses are now having to take precautions in searching for their employees on the web to make sure that there is nothing embarrassing out there. People have lost their job and continue to be red faced about what can be found.

The Bible says, “Be sure your sins will find you out,” a phrase my mom repeated often. In this case, some people really need to learn this lesson and stop publishing (or even taking) pictures that will cause them grief in the future.

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