May 8, 2021

Danger in Texas

The Illegal Immigrant debate is all purely theoretical until it hits home, as it did to one 18 year old woman who was driving home in Texas this past week.  She was in Mexia, Texas (about 30 miles east of Waco) visiting friends and on her way home she was forced off the road and out of the car.  She was kidnapped, stabbed, sexually assaulted and left for dead.  She crawled to a nearby trailer and got assistance.

Now, I’m not saying that only illegals can do this kind of heinous crime.  On the contrary, America has its own Jeffery Dahlmers and the like.  What I am betting, though, is if you check these men’s history it will reveal that this was not an isolated incident.  What scares me is the idea that illegal immigrants may believe that they are above the law because the bigger law– citizenship/deportation– is not enforced.

It’s kind of like raising children– which many of you may be familiar.  Children want consistancy and at the same time they look for any break in it they can to exploit a weakness.  If they can turn a parent against another, or find some way that you’re hypocritical or can get away with something you can.

The same thing applies here.  These men can claim that the laws do not apply to them– they’re not citizens.  They can ask to be deported.  We need to round these people up and put them back in their own land before this or something worse happens again.

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